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Via approved investment administration and custodial service platforms also known as ‘wrap platforms’ or ‘PIE investor proxies’.
  • Complete the application form and follow documentation instructions from the relevant platform
  • When reading the Product Disclosure Document (PDS) you should remember that if your investments are purchased through a wrap platform they will be held by a custodian on your behalf.
  • You should refer to the wrap platform's service terms and relevant material for how you may invest in the Fund, these are separate and independent to the offer under the Fund's PDS.
  • Direct client service enquiries to the relevant platform
Current platform listings
Colchester Global Government Bond PIE Fund

Invest with us directly

Direct investors in New Zealand:
  • To invest, please contact FundRock NZ

FundRock NZ Limited
PO Box 25003
Wellington 6140, New Zealand

For all client service enquiries:

  • FundRock NZ Limited (FundRock NZ) is the issuer and manager of the Colchester Global Government Bond PIE Fund.
  • FundRock NZ is licenced as a “manager of a registered scheme” under New Zealand’s Financial Market Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act).  FundRock NZ is a Wellington-headquartered specialist financial services firm providing tailored solutions for a range of local and offshore funds management businesses operating in New Zealand. FundRock NZ is part of the global investment services business, Apex Group.
  • A copy of the Product Disclosure Statement for the Colchester Global Government Bond PIE Fund can be found below, or is also available from the manager (FundRock NZ) at or from the Disclose Register at

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